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A yardtrait is a collaborative family portrait, made in your yard (or verandah, front door or balcony if you don't have a yard). Please keep in mind that 'family' can mean many things. I'd love to photograph couples, throuples, singles, friends, extended family, flatmates, pets, plants, family heirlooms, imaginary friends, garden gnomes etc.


A yardtrait costs $320 and includes a high res digital file and an A4 (or equivalent) print. You can find out more here and book by emailing me here. A yardtrait only takes around 30 minutes and you definitely don't need to wear shoes or mow the grass for it. I do invite you to think about items of significance we can incorporate into the photo that speak to hobbies, places, loved ones, struggles, achievements and memories.


Yardtraits are an opportunity to make something tangible that reinforces family identity and tells future generations about the spirit of the people in them.

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