I want to spend the rest of my life using photos to respectfully reframe the way people see their everyday.  

Thank you to my friends at the Australian Photography Awards for spending the day with me and making this video. 

I'm a noticer. I always have been.

To me, humans are a treasure trove of fascinating bits and pieces stuck together, demanding to be taken apart and noticed. That compelling desire to understand people led me to study psychology for 6 years. Although I no longer work in the field, my curiosity has remained unbridled and strongly informs the way I shoot families. 

Finding this way of making images in people's homes has helped me combine my love of photography with my desire to understand and tell human stories. The process of having an outsider document and tell your story through imagery is a validating and emotional process I do not take lightly. My goal is to help people reframe the way they see their lives, much like a psychologist might do. 

I love mess, chaos, joy, incongruence, connection, togetherness, frustration, funny moments and quiet ones. Mostly I just love noticing and capturing the beauty in the ordinary. The more ordinary the better really.

This style of photography is physically and emotionally exhausting. I lie in the dirt, stand on toilets, climb trees, crouch under tables in cafes, shoot through windows, whatever it takes to make the best picture. It's gritty and I never shy away from shooting the more difficult or uncomfortable moments of life. Before I start, I make a promise to myself not to alter the environments I enter. That means I don't provide direction (unless pausing for a portrait), or move furniture or mess out of my way. I just exist in your world for a day.

And then I get to hold up a mirror for you. You'll get to see what your life looks like, in all of its wonder through fresh eyes. I hope that we can work together each year to document your life as it changes and make a collection of books that allow you to time travel in a way regular family portraits will never allow.

Row x

PS. I'm also an extroverted introvert. That means I love human connection but I'm not very good at doing it for long periods of time. I give a lot, I fatigue and then I recharge with periods of quiet and I'm also very good at picking up when others need to be quiet. So I can assure you that you won't need to interact with me the whole day. We will inevitably fall into a comfortable rhythm of intermittent chat, sharing of stories and companionable silence. 

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